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Become a Sphere Ambassador

Take the first step towards ensuring a positive impact and elevating suffer by joining our Sphere Ambassadors Training Program. This program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance humanitarian assistance, providing valuable insights into Sphere standards and their practical application in different work scenarios.

Comprehensive Training Workshops

The Sphere Ambassadors program offers a comprehensive training and workshops on Sphere standards and best practices, delivered through workshops led by local seasoned humanitarian professionals. These sessions are designed to be engaging and insightful, providing practical knowledge in a collaborative setting. Additionally, our program fosters networking opportunities, enabling participants to connect with other individuals within the sector, enriching the learning experience while expanding professional networks.

Local Expertise

Seasoned humanitarian practitioners, deeply attuned to local dynamics, lead workshops for practical relevance

Hands-On Learning

Interactive sessions immerse participants in real-world Sphere scenarios, honing their ability to apply principles effectively

Digital Bridge

Bridging workers in Arab states digitally, fostering training access, transcending geographical boundaries.

Sphere Handbook

Sphere is a set of guidelines for humanitarian response created in 1997. It aims to improve the quality of responses and be accountable for actions. The Sphere Handbook is a comprehensive guide covering topics such as protection principles, water supply, sanitation, food security, shelter, and health. It is a core reference for new and experienced humanitarian workers, providing guidance on priority actions and technical information. By using Sphere, humanitarian workers can ensure accountable assistance to help people survive, recover, and rebuild their lives with dignity.

Sphere Ambassadors

The Arab region witnessed a surge in humanitarian challenges as fragile structures and diminished state institutions propelled NGOs to the forefront of relief efforts. However, the absence of familiarity with Sphere standards among local workers might impact aid quality. In a region striving to recover, our Sphere Ambassadors Project emerges as a pivotal solution. This pioneering digital training program transcends borders, enabling humanitarian workers from diverse Arab states to access training, exchange experiences, and foster knowledge transfer within an interactive digital environment. By providing targeted workshops, we empower frontline workers with essential insights, ensuring aid efficacy, accountability, and dignity.

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